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LurralifeHealth Is Redefining The Art And Science Of Losing Weight With One-Of-A-Kind TruControl.

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Have you always struggled with losing weight? Tired of never having the perfect body you’ve always wanted? Do you make New Year’s resolutions only to fail, making you feel like even ore of a failure? Have you wasted countless dollars on gym memberships that never work for you or fit into your schedule?

With so much going on your life; a demanding job, your favorite TV shows, friends to meet, promotions to achieve and places to see, it’s no wonder that fewer and fewer people are finding the time to devote a little bit of TLC to their bodies. Easting right usually means getting to the grocery store and preparing those healthy meals, AND cleaning it up afterward.  Who has time?  All of those calories and sugar adds up eventually while eating on the run more times than not.  Those bad habits threaten to ruin forever that youthful, trim figure you once had.

If only there was a way you could lose all of that weight without needing to break your back running hundreds of miles in the same place at a gym every day! Again, who has time?

Well guess what? Now there really is!

The brand new powerful health benefits of the blue and orange capsules from Lurralifeare really setting the bar in the fight against unwanted weight!

Stop wasting time on finding a remedy that can only provide overnight results and water loss instead of fat.  Often, these nasty, substandard thermogenic solutions do far more harm than they ever do good for your body.  You look great for the first week when the weight starts to shed, but before you know it,  all of that weight finds its way back to you, and then some as your body fights to get its health back.  This leaves you feeling downhearted and worse off than you were before!

Get the body you want back, the safe way!

Lurralifeis not a diet pill, but an elegantly balanced weight loss supplement.  And it REALLY WORKS!  They work with your body rather than force your body to lose water weight short-term like other competing weight programs.


“the FIX”:  Lurralife’s ‘blue’ pill is expertly engineered to work with your blood, helping to balance it with all the nutrients it needs to keep your heart pumping with extreme efficiency. Understand that it’s not just about running around like a madman all day to burn off the calories and trim up your body. Your blood plays a key role in keeping your figure trim. When starved of nutrients from certain themed diets such as low carbs, low calories etc, your organs begin to take that nutrition from other parts of your body, putting undue and excess strain on the rest of your body. Weight loss becomes impossible!

This expertly made blue pill brings the perfect balance of minerals and nutrients to your blood to make all of your organs healthy and maximize the potential to lose weight.  While shedding off the visceral fat that’s choking your organs, you can assure your body stays healthy and no excess stress is being placed on the rest of you.  Now that’s a stroke of genius!  We can guarantee you’ll find yourself with more energy, more motivation, and a better drive to fight the fat.  Consider our new products as your willpower, all wrapped up in a beautiful little capsule!

TruControl:  If you think you have low metabolism, if you want to give an extra boost to your energy levels, if you want to have a clear focus, the ‘orange’ pill is going to supercharge your body by providing the optimum ingredients it needs to help you stay more active!

Losing weight is made even more streamline When taken consistently, this amazing combination of supplements helps filter through the bad fat that ruins your physique, also known as visceral fat, and leaves behind the useful body mass, such as your muscle.  The subcutaneous fat in breast tissue remains unaffected with your amazing new formula, so you know you’re only losing weight in the places that matter.

It’s so perfectly balanced that not only will you massive increase your potential to fight that fat, but it’ll help turn all that harmful, unwanted mass into muscle, which as a well-known fact weighs more than fat, so while you might not notice the number dropping, you’ll certainly notice the inches coming down and your confidence growing.

Imagine your new life…

Imagine what it’s like to have those killer curves in the right places, and being the envy of all your friends! Imagine having the confidence you’ve always dreamed of to hit the beach, nightclubs and going out with your friends knowing you’re in perfect shape, with a bill of health so clean, even the doctors will look at you with envy.

And don’t fear the uphill struggle of keeping that extra weight off, either.  The combination of both blue and orange pills not only releases fat by letting the body’s grip on cellulite go, as well as purging toxins from the body, the truControl capsule will provide you an amazing grip on your appetite, reducing those nasty cravings for those unhealthy and excess foods. Whatever foods you consume, the beautiful balance of blood chemistry will allow your body to do more with the nutrients in the food you consume, and as a result, skyrocket your daily energy levels way beyond what you thought was ever imaginable!

Now you have even more capacity to keep up that rigorous exercise, juggle work, family, and all those over commitments in one great big, healthy heartbeat.

Don’t run around in the dark chasing a pipe dream. If you want no-nonsense, long-term solution that will bring you amazing, consistent results, then you’ve found the perfect product for you.  Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ll be cutting out the excess fat in record timing and keeping it off with lurralife!


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